Thursday, May 31, 2007

There's a "me" in "meme"-Princess

Three Things That Scare Me:
*Public bathrooms

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
*My younger brother
*Larry the cable guy ("git'er done!")

Three Things I Love:
*How loved Ma'am makes me feel (even when she's giving me a good spanking)
*Arts and Crafts

Three Things I Hate/Severely Dislike:
*Seeing or hearing people eat seafood....ugh....exoskeletons!

Three Things I Don’t Understand:
*Why bugs can't evolve into something cute and tiny little kittens...some with wings.
*Why I can't behave and listen to Ma'am

Three Things On My Desk:
*Batik wax
*My stuffed bunny "rabbitt"
*2 Coke cans

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:
*This Survey
*Watching the food network
*Not folding my laundry

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
*Let Ma'am spank me in a semi-public place
*Attend a fetish party
*Host a spanking party ( just kinda came to me...)

Three Things I Can Do:
*Trust ma'am completely
*Anything I want
*Anything else I want!

Three Things I Can’t Do:
*Behave myself when I'm put in the naughty corner
*Get to bed on time
*Beat Ma'am at scrabble...yet!

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
*Barry Manilow
*Your shoulder devil
*Anyone who tells you to clean your colon with chemicals

Three Things I’d Like To Learn:
*How to fly
*How to get away with murder
*I'm only putting two...I know almost everything!

Three Favorite Foods:

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
*David the Gnome
*Inspector Gadget

Three Things I Regret:
*Princesses have no regrets.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Date Night-princess

Before I discuss my maintenence spanking, I should mention the punishment I got this weekend. Yes, this naughty princess got her first ever enema. I was being a complete brat and finally, Ma'am decided that something must be out of whack inside me. A quick trip to the drugstore and there I was, ass in the air with the enema bottle easing in.

I was so embarrassed but, Ma'am told me that I shouldn't be embarrassed in front of her. I belong to her.

Overall, the experience was a bit unpleasant. I don't like enemas. So, I'm sure Ma'am will be employing them again in the future.

Now it's time for the princess's regular "date night" post.

I went to Ma'am's house last night. She had told me that afternoon that I would be getting spanked that evening. She also told me that one gentleman had made a comment on this blog requesting us to post some more photo's. Ma'am doesn't like to disappoint so she let me know that this punishment would be photographed.

She had dinner ready when I got there and after we ate, I made the dumb mistake of trying to steal her glasses and then pinching her. That did it! Ma'am hauled me into the bedroom and threw me over her knee. I got a sound spanking with my jeans around my knees and my underpants pulled between my butt cheeks. I hate that.

Then, it was time for my bath. Ma'am has decided that if I act like a little girl, I get treated like one and that includes getting a bath from her. I was so ashamed when she began to thoroughly scrub my backside that I started whining and complaining. that earned me a good hard spanking in the corner of the tub.

After I was dried off, Ma'am instructed me to put on a pair of my spanking panties. I did but, not without a bit of whining and a few motivational slaps on the butt.

Finally, I was placed in the corner for a few minutes to think about my behavior and then, it was time for my spanking.

Ma'am scolded and lectured while spanking me over my panties. I whined and yelled which did nothing but provoke Ma'am to untie the sides of my panties and go to town on my bare bottom with the bathbrush. Owie! It wasn't long before I was crying like a little girl and promising to behave.

Ma'am kept spanking until she was satisfied. After she finished, she took some pictures.

I was also give some new rules which include:

-Eating at least two meals a day. A coke does not constitute a meal and neither does a handful of goldfish crackers.
-Eat vegetables at least once a day
-Be in bed by 2AM

Ma'am is decideding whether or not I should be made to keep a log.....god I hope I don't have to...

Before bed, Ma'am and I made a few plans for my birthday which is in about two weeks. Without going into details, I will say that am going to be a "well taken care of" little princess.... :-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Date Night-Princess

Ma'am has decided that our tuesday "date nights" are now going to be used for "maintenance spankings." This took effect last night. In addition, I now have designated spanking panties that I am required to wear for my maintenance spankings. They are frilly and pink because I am the princess.

Last night was my first maintenance spanking. Ma'am texted me that afternoon to remind me that I was to be spanked that evening and that she expected me to be wearing my spanking panties when she arrived. Of course, I disregarded her wishes. What else would a princess do? I sassed her on the phone and that evening, when Ma'am arrived, not only was I not wearing the spanking panties, I was also unable to answer the door because I decided to take a nice long hot shower. Ma'am had to let herself in and then I took my sweet time getting out of the bath even though I knew Ma'am had to pee really bad. When I finally got out, Ma'am gave me a good scolding and demanded I put on my spanking panties.

I of course made a big fuss about not wanting to look like a little girl in silly pink panties but, Ma'am was not about to take my whining. With a few hard slaps to my freshly showered bottom, she had me into those panties in seconds. I proceeded to pout and brat until Ma'am had enough and yanked me over her knee for a hard spanking. She started over my pants but, soon enough my bottom was bare and getting nice and pink. She stopped when the delivery guy arrived with dinner but, she promised that I was going to be quite sorry later.

How right she was.

I tried to get out of my spanking by saying I was sick. Ma'am's answer to this was to take my temperture in the most embarrassing way I can think of. What a naughty little princess I am.

After it was determined that I was in good health, the spanking proceeded as promised. Ma'am even purchased a new tool for my first maintenance spanking. Meet my new bathbrush. It had me yelling and crying in no time.

Between the panties, the thermometer, the bathbrush and the ample corner time I was given, I was a throughly punished little princess last night. Sigh.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I feel I must interject here-Princess

Naughty Princess has a bone to pick.

While Ma'am's account of last evening was full of dramatic twists and turns, she may have revised a few important facts...inadvertently, of course.

1. Never once, did I beg for permission to take a shower. Princesses DO NOT beg. Ever. Princesses make demands.

2. Ma'am has yet to demonstrate strict enforcement of her "no naughty words" rule. Because she is inconsistent with discipline with regards to cursing, I feel it is entirely unfair for her to punish me on a whim. So there!

3. Ma'am seems to have omitted the part where she showed total disrespect for royalty. If the princess wishes to shower alone, the princess showers alone. And under no circumstances is the princess to have her most private parts bathed by a commoner.

4. Furthermore, the princess was given quite a few public swats. If the princess decides to submit to a spanking, it will be on her terms and in privacy.

5. Nowhere in her post did Ma'am mention that she made outrageous threats during my punishment. I believe she promised me that I would have my "insides" cleaned as well as "outside." Clearly, Ma'am hasn't gotten the memo. Princesses do not get enemas. The end.

It's obvious that Ma'am has an exaggerated idea of her power. Surely she knows that in the end, the princess does whatever the princess wants.

In conclusion, if Ma'am is not careful, I'll throw her into the dungeon.

New toys and red bottoms - Ma'am

This weekend the princess and I went out to the country for a little relaxation and a visit with family. It was quite lovely until little miss took notice that we were not staying alone and therefore didn't have much privacy. The princess decided to take full advantage of the fact that I couldn't spank her should she get out of line and became quite the brat. I warned her that if she continued to act up she would get a proper spanking on Sunday night when we got home. As usual, she disregarded my warning, as most bad girls are apt to do, and proceeded to use naughty words, pinch me, call me names, and to be overall disrespectful. I was quite calm through all of this because I knew on Sunday she would be quite the sorry girl.

During the day on Sunday before we ventured home, I made the Naughty Princess pick out a few new spanking implements while we were out shopping. At first she stalled and didn't want to but I warned her if she didn't pick something out soon the entire store would know she was going to get a spanking and she knows quite well I am not easily embarrassed and have quite a loud voice. She knew I was serious and picked out a package of three kitchen utensils.

I told her I was satisfied and she would feel the sting of one of these before the night was over.

Later that night, after we got home and ate a little dinner, I told the Princess that it was time for her spanking. She gave me an incredulous look and started to protest (obviously a weekend away makes her forget her manners) but before she could go on too long I had her over my knee on the couch and gave her a good hand spanking over her jeans and then over her panties. At that point, she begged me to let her take a shower before pulling down her panties for a bare bottom spanking. I agreed, but on the condition that I wash her. She turned quite red with embarrassment at the thought of being washed like a child but nodded her head and said yes Ma'am. During the shower she was very pouty and tried to wash herself but I wouldn't allow it, a few hard smacks to her wet behind did the trick, and we were out of the bathroom quickly.

Once she was dry, I took her over to the dining room chair and placed her over my knees and began to give her the spanking she deserved for being a pest this weekend. I grabbed one of the new toys and began to give her a hard spanking,. After a few minutes I noticed that something was wrong and looked at the wooden spatula - it was broken!

Now I know only to get "quality" items - no sale stuff any more. Good thing I had the big spoon handy - and the princess thought she was off the hook! Oh no, she was given some corner time and another round of spanking until I decided she had enough for the night. I forgave her for her behavior over the weekend, and gave her a stern warning not to do it again. I then held her and took care of that very red bottom with lotion and lots of tender rubbing - amongst other things...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Date night - Princess

I'm a little late but, I wanted to write about the spanking i got on tuesday.

Ma'am came over for our regular tuesday date night all set for spaghetti and fun but, i was in a very cranky mood. PMS does not wear well on the naughty princess. I was sullen and bratty all night. It was when i decided to start pinching ma'am that she finally had enough.

With no hesitation, she tossed me over her lap and started giving me a sound spanking. First, over my jeans, then with my panties pulled into my ass crack. She ordered me into the shower and when I came out, the spanking resumed with ma'am seated in a kitchen chair and me over her knee. Panties at my feet.

When she figured I'd learned my lesson, we swept off to the bedroom for some more fun. Afterwards, we were laying in bed chatting in that sweaty and breathless knd of way and i accidentally let it slip that I'd disobeyed her and spent a few hours that day watching some "adult" videos and pleasuring myself. And then, lied shamelessly about it when she'd asked me.

Seconds later, I found myself back over her knee in the living room getting the hardest spanking I've ever gotten. I even cried a little.

That's what I love about Ma'am....she has limits for her princess and she enforces them.

However, I've not been spanked since and quite honestly, i'm feeling like I could get away with murder. In fact, I've used about 9658 naughty words to ma'am, right to her face even and she didnt mention it. hahahaha.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bad Girl - Ma'am

The princess was exceedingly naughty on Thursday. As she pointed out in the last post, she disobeyed me and therefore had to be punished. All I ask for is respect and for her to be a good girl and listen to me. Unfortunately for her, she can't seem to stop being a brat long enough to follow direction. She knew she was going to get spanked Thursday night because of her use of the word ASS - she is not allowed to say that word since that isn't proper for a young lady. I guess she assumed that since she was going to get spanked, she might as well be as bad as she could be. Little did she know that not only was her spanking more severe, the embarrassment which followed would never have hapened if she would have just been a good girl and used the webcam when I told her to.

As you can see, this is just the beginning.

First she was spanked by hand and when she still wouldn't quiet down she got the spoon. I must say the spoon is really an effective way of getting the princess to listen. Without the spoon she often begs me to stop spanking her and tells me how she is going to be a good girl from then on. Of course I know this isn't even remotely true and I remind her of how I feel about begging - the more she does it, the longer the spanking will be. The spoon puts a stop to that quickly!

The spoon did the trick, but her punishment was not over yet.

Miss Princess told me she couldn't (or more accurately she wouldn't) take her shirt and bra off for the webcam because she was embarrased. I told her if she was embarrased to take her shirt and bra off for me she would be mortified to have to stand in front of the open window and possibly have her neighbors see her very red bottom. She thought I'd forget or I wouldn't do it - Well, I didn't forget and I am not one to pose empty threats. Right after she was thoroughly spanked with the big spoon she was made to stand with her backside facing a very open window where anyone of her neighbors could have seen just how bad she was.

I think she learned her lesson - at least for now.